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  Why be with a girl without hair when you can get that extra sensation of having your balls tickled the whole time you're inside a girl with bush?

I'm an old fashioned girl who's into melodramatic movies, romance novels, and feminine clothes with lace and ribbons, so why not be old fashioned in my grooming as well?

I want you to bury your face in my soft patch of furry heaven and breathe deeply before running your tongue over my stiffened clit and swollen, pink lips.

I have an intoxicating musk that emanates from my pussy when I'm feeling especially amorous and my hair holds onto that smell and intensifies it.

Sometimes I just have to taste it for myself, and believe me, it's a delectable treat.

When you add your cum to mine our sweetly mingled scents will overwhelm our senses and keep us horny and all over each other for hours at a time.

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