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All of my life people have called me sweet.
"Oh Mindy, you're such a sweetheart!"

I smile and let them think that, but what they don't know is that underneath my sweet exterior is a sex crazed kitten that's been scratching to get out! I've sometimes wondered if I'm normal, but when I started phone sex I realized that there's lots of perverts out there just like me who want to explore the kinkier side of life. To me that was such a relief!

I don't have to be sweet Mindy all of the time.  Sometimes I want to be Humiliatrix Mindy, the girl who can reduce you to tears of shame with a few well chosen words or directions you have to follow.

I am Cock Tease Mindy, the crippling tease who makes you want her so badly you fear your balls will rupture, only to be denied orgasm again and again.

Call me Cuckoldress Mindy, with you starring as my boyfriend or husband, and one day you come home to find another man buried balls deep in my hairy pussy!

The possibilities, twists, and turns are endless...and so are the horny personalities that lie just beneath my surface!

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