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  How many times have you nearly been caught pilfering panties from the lingerie drawers of the significant woman in your life? Who was it, your wife, girlfriend, step-mother, aunt? Did she believe your feeble attempt at hiding your sissy boy secret? Do you know what I would do if I caught you rummaging in my lingerie chest or daydreaming over my laundry hamper? First you would be unceremoniously stripped of all things male in appearance; tighty whities, jeans, t-shirts, etc. While this is going on, yours truly will berate you mercilessly for being such a sissified little panty slut. Next you'll be reinvented and, although it will be like making a silk purse from a sow's ear, I'll do my damnedest to make you look as femme and prissy as is humanly possible. I'll take the clothes directly from my own body and make you slip into them so you can still feel the heat of my flesh radiating from the silky fabrics. Then you'll strut and preen for me in all your girlish glory while I sit naked on the edge of the bed howling with laughter if you're lucky... scowling and playfully swatting at you with a spike heeled shoe if you're not. You'll be tempted to take a peek at my nude beauty as you dance around and bat your lashes, but you know that will only get me angry and open you up to your MILF Mary Ann's specialized punishment for sissy boys like you.

With your transformation complete, your engorged cock straining against your satin panties and your balls feeling as though they are ready to burst, you'll beg me for some of my specialized attention to ease your building tension. If you perform well in your girlie-boy role, you just may get the release you so crave.

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