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So many of my girlfriends are shaving their pussies these days! I remember when I was a young girl.  I was so excited to get hair on my pussy that I just can't bring myself to shave it off. I keep it nice and neat, but you won't catch me with a bald pussy. It's only been a short while since I became a woman.
I don't want to go back now! Besides, don't you think it's so pretty?

Anyway, there's lots of other things about me that have changed recently. Like my boobies are getting bigger too. Sometimes they're sore, and I think --HOPE-- that that means they're still growing! All of this makes me so horny all the time. I just can't keep my hands and fingers out of my panties.

I guess that's why I just had to do phone sex. I was hoping that there were a bunch of horny guys out there who could teach me all the fun things I can do to cum! Or at least let me experiment. hee hee I'm supposed to keep my mind on my studies, but how am I supposed to do that if all I can think about is sex? I've learned so much already. I love to play like I'm a naughty little girl. (I know, like it's hard! LOL) Do you have any sexy ideas for me?

Call me quick before I have to take care of my throbbing pussy by myself!! ;0)

Kisses and licks,

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